World Disability Matters – Episodes 3, 4, & 5; Trauma, Advocacy, and Sensory Disabilities

As a result of the rise of violence from the war in Ukraine to mass shootings in schools, grocery stores, and public places across the United States, and natural disasters across the globe Episode 3 of World Disability Matters is a spontaneous conversation about how trauma from violence creates people with disabilities and adds new complexities to the lives of people with pre-existing disabilities…

On Episode 4 of World Disability Matters, my co-host & name brother from South Africa, Rotarian Jeremy Opperman, is in the hotseat talking candidly about his life adapting to vision loss and becoming an advocate for all People with Disabilities…

You can learn more about Jeremy’s Consulting & Advocacy work through his organization, Disability Desk at his website

On Episode 5 of World Disability Matters, we speak with Rotarian Jackie Njeru from Kenya. Jackie took on the mantle of Disability Rights Advocate when she learned to speak up for her son’s needs as he lost his hearing at age 2…

Please join Jeremy Opperman and I on July 7th at 10 am for an International Webinar about Advocacy from a global Disability and Human Rights Lens, hosted by the Rotary Disability Advisors Group. My name brother and Co-Host will serve as moderator, while I have the honor of being the unofficial representative from the United States on the panel. My fellow panelists are Luis Mauch, Accessibility Advocate, Co-founder of Mais Diferenças e Ktalise Tecnologias, Brazil; Jackie Njeru, Deaf Rights Advocate, President-Elect Rotary Club of Mililani, Kenya; Nilesh Singit, Disability Rights Advocate, Consultant, and Researcher, India; & Dr. Jacqueline Wilson, Medical Advocate CEO, Overseas Medical Treatment Office, Egypt!

Watch for upcoming introductory podcasts with Luis, Jacqueline, and Nilesh, and be sure to join over zoom for the Disability Advocacy Leadership Webinar on July 7th!

Join Zoom Meeting on July 7th at 10am Eastern Time:

Meeting ID: 846 6197 6390

Passcode: ADVOCACY

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