AboutEmbracing Challenges, Inspiring Change

Walking Spirit, founded by Jeremy Warriner, emerged from his profound personal journey following a life-altering accident in 2006. Embracing a bi-lateral above-knee amputee and burn survivor to a beacon of hope, Jeremy harnessed his experiences to inspire and educate. His unscripted talks not only shared his story but also illuminated the path for advocating the rights and inclusion of people with disabilities. Walking Spirit evolved into a platform for outreach, consultation, and support, merging with Spirit Therapies, LLC in 2017. Today, it stands committed to enhancing accessible diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, serving as a testament to resilience and the power of advocacy.


Accessible DEIB Consulting & Support

Offers expert guidance to enhance organizational accessibility, focusing on accessible diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging through assessments and strategic planning.

Inspirational Speaking Services

Delivers powerful speeches to motivate and educate audiences on the importance of accessibility, inclusion, and overcoming challenges faced by individuals with disabilities.

Quality of Life Adaptability & Advocacy Coaching

Provides personalized coaching to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities, focusing on adaptability strategies and advocacy for rights and inclusion.

Adaptive Karate

Explore our demonstrations, showcasing tailored techniques for individuals with mobility challenges. These presentations highlight the adaptability and inclusivity of martial arts, emphasizing empowerment, physical fitness, and self-defense skills for all abilities.

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