Why Disabled People Struggle to Book Hotels

This Washington Post Article, by Disability Reporter Amanda Morris, explores the challenges faced by People with Disabilities when attempting to travel and the obstacles to holding the Hospitality Industry accountable to the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The US Supreme Court considers a case that could impact the rights of all People with Disabilities to enforce the ADA.  Walking Spirit’s founder, …

Friends Pitch In For Indy Man’s High-Tech Legs

A life changing car accident nine years ago left Indianapolis’ Jeremy Warriner a double amputee. Warriner’s friends are helping him fundraise for his third set of prosthetic legs that carry a combined price tag of over $100,000.

Chrysler Bankruptcy Impacts Consumer Lawsuits, Pension Plans

Walking with hydraulic prosthetics, Jeremy Warriner can appreciate good engineering and design. He’s on his third set of legs in three years. He lost his birth pair in a fiery crash in October 2005 and believes a highly flammable plastic brake fluid container in his Jeep Wrangler is to blame. Now he wants the right to face Chrysler in court.