Talking with a New Friend

A man with prosthetic legs wearing a brown kilt and a green shirt stand with a woman wearing bluejeans and a black shirt in a vendor booth for Walking Spirit, LLC.

At the end of May Walking Spirit took a leap of faith, of sorts, by attending the annual National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. In the hopes of finding new clients, and opening minds to the concept of Accessible DEI & Belonging as a training focus in the Hospitality Industry to improve community access for everyone. While there I made some new friends, one of whom reached out to me the day after the conference to see if I would be interested in doing a pod-cast episode with him. We talk about how Walking Spirit came to be. The story is deeply connected to the origin of my disabilities, and as July is Disability Pride Month, I felt now would be a perfect time to share. I hope you enjoy listening to the dm&a Podcast “Eavesdropping on John Herzog: Jeremy Warriner: The Walking Spirit – Using Life Experiences to Increase Accessibility for Customers”…

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